Tool Business

Making, regrinding, coating, and sales of cutting tools
Calibration and sales of measuring tools
A group of tool management expertsー
Our technical support and instruction accelerate your company's production activities.

Service Summary

Our tool business was established by a group of Isuzu Motors' experts who had underpinned high quality products for long years through uncompromising tool precision control. Their proficient skills have been heading Isuzu since its establishment, and greatly contributed to QCDES (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Environment, and Safety) improvement not only of ISUZU groups but also of companies around the world.

Quick and precise regrinding and calibration of cutting tools and measuring tools.
Response to total tool maintenance outsourcing
Direct guidance for quality improvement, inventory control, and daily maintenance of tools
Guidance to overseas workers for tool handling techniques from the basics

 Example of cutting tools we regrind:
- Twist drills (high-speed steel or carbide)
- Burnishing drills
- End mills
- Side cutters
- Reamers (high-speed steel or carbide)
- Tap
- Hob
- Broach (surface/keyway broaches)
- Pinion cutters