Education Business

Education for workforces from supervisors to field workers based on craftsmanship for manufacturing and followed by advices in your dealing with the result

Service Summary

Our instructors with rich experience of manufacturing in Isuzu Motors provide field-oriented practical education and advices after education.

●Standard curriculum

Basic education
: Basics, role and mission of manufacturing
On-site training
: Problem identification and discussion about how to improve at the actual site
Effect measurement
: Measuring effect with comprehension test and reporting the result to the superiors
: Trainees' presentations of the training results and future tasks

There are customer needs overseas as well especially in Asian region and we have provided education overseas many times already.
 Achievements overseas
- Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, China and India
 Training example
- Supervisor education
- Quality education
- General manager and manager education
- Process improvement training
- Standard operation training