Basic Action Policy for Compliance

As a member of ISUZU group, we recognize that it is essential for each of our board members and employees to act with high morals and ethical sense not only to be in compliance with laws but to respond to the trust of society for realizing our corporate identity.

We assume that "Compliance" is a top priority issue for management and have a basic action policy for familiarizing people within and outside our company with compliance concept and establishing it as routine.

Our top management realize that their key role is to carry out the policy with their initiative. When something against the policy occurred, they take a leading role in solving the problem and clarifying the cause and fulfill their responsibilities to prevent the recurrence and to promptly disclose and explain accurate information to the public.

Standards of Behavior for Compliance

We aim at contributing to solid manufacturing and earning the trust of customers by providing our techniques, skills, and services.

We aim to create profits through always acting fairly, providing worthful techniques, skills and services, and widely contributing to society. We hope our brand image reflects the approach.

We never gain profits from neglecting compliance.

When we are at a loss as to how to judge what we are doing in our daily activity, we always return to the viewpoint "Does this activity really increases the value of our company?" We believe that trust relationships with customers, stockholders, suppliers, and local society are developed through our appropriate activities.

We share such a perspective and regard compliance as basic premise above all else. To implement our "Basic action policy for compliance" with full understanding, we follow the following standards of behavior.

Standards of Behavior
  1. Trust from customers

    We contribute to solid manufacturing and earn the trust of customers by providing socially helpful techniques, skills, and services.

  2. Fair-minded and healthy behaviors

    We make deals under fair and free competition. While we keep healthy and normal relationships with governments and politics, we resolutely confront antisocial forces/groups as members of citizen society.

  3. Disclosure of corporate information

    Widely communicating with society as well as stockholders, we timely, properly and fairly disclose our corporate information.

  4. Respect to employees

    To enable our employees to fulfill their potentials, we respect their personalities and individualities and establish safe and comfortable work environments to foster unique techniques and skills.

  5. Contribution to environmental conservation

    We make active efforts not only for environmental conservation through our business activities, but also in environmental conservation activities of societies and regions as citizens living on the earth.

  6. Contribution to Society

    As a good corporate citizen, we actively address social contribution activities.

  7. Harmony with international and local societies

    We respect cultures and customs of different countries and regions and contribute to their developments.